Dr. Garrick D. Lee
Personal E-mail:


410-961-7647 (Cell)
    Dr. Lee is a highly motivated, inspired and multi-discipline scientific researcher at National Institute on Aging (NIA), NIH of the USA.
Main projects in NIH
Behavioral analysis and learning memory study
Animal model of chemotherapy induced dementia
Improvement of angiogenesis on cognitive function
Stereological analysis of angiogenesis and capillary vessels in mouse
Wound healing analysis in rats
Anti-aging and longevity screening of chemicals in C. elegans and mouse
Dietary deprivation on aging and longevity of C. elegans
Molecular biological approaches in Dietary deprivation induced longevity in C. elegans.
Ph. D., Biomedical Science, University of North Texas (1996)
B. M., Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Beijing Medical University (1983)
Work Experience
Consulting Scientist, National Institute on Aging,  Baltimore, MD 21224
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